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Features of this Degree

This degree combines essential elements from both the BSc Management and LLB (Law) programmes, giving you an opportunity for both critical and theoretical study. This degree is for you if you:

Following are the subjects under Bsc. Management with Law

Subjects Paper Code
Ist Year
Principles of Accounting AC1025
Elements of the law of contract LA1040
Common Law Reasoning and Institutions LA1021
Introduction to Business Management SC1021
IInd Year
Commerical Law * LA3017
Human Resource Management MN3075
Introduction to Economics or Principles of Sociology EC1002/SC1021
Finacial Reporting AC3091
IIIrd Year
Company Law * LA3021
Management Accounting AC3097
Financial Management AC3059
Principles of Marketing MN3141
Additional Papers offered by the institute
Management :International and comparative perspectives MN3077
Principles of Banking & Finance FN1024
Organisational Theory : An Interdisciplanary Approach MN3127

* Indicates complusory papers